When you place an order through Ground Media Group Store, shipping costs are automatically calculated for each order according to the weight and size of the parcel. We encourage placing bigger orders to keep the shipping cost per item as low as possible.

Approximate item weights:
CD: 100g-250gr + packet

All products will be shipped as soon as possible,


With order you accept that shipper won’t be held responsible for any lost or broken packages in mail. Everything will be packed carefully!


Due the Covid19 there’s some restrictions and the shipping times may vary.

See the latest updates about restricted countries etc. www.posti.fi/mzj3zpe8qb7p/7jFGsxRG0Hm2BbcXs9Emhf/e2e100e14a3467fe978021b231fb3c48/effects-of-the-coronavirus-on-items-sent-abroad-from-finland.pdf

And www.posti.fi/en/customer-support/sending/country-information